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Last update: 15-12-21'

Joint promotions

We often cheeze up & partner up, because Prochiz believes that cheese goes well with almost anything.
Just take a look at some of our very successful joint promotions.
Feel free to contact us to discuss how our brands can strengthen one another.

Prochiz & Rose Brand Q4’21

Prochiz sees more and more Indonesian moms use cheese as a staple ingredient in their recipes. Just like sugar, margarine, oil, and flour, some form of cheese is an ingredient hard to think of not being in your cupboard or fridge.

Therefore Prochiz & Rose Brand – a household name in Indonesia for decades – joined together with great deals to keep your cupboard stocked with the essential ingredients to make your homemade recipes. And Indonesian moms can celebrate their creative recipes with Rose Brand & Prochiz online.

Great Prochiz & Rose Brand deals

Consumers can buy great Prochiz & Rose Brand deals to stock up their cupboards, online as well as offline.

Celebrate creative Prochiz cheese recipes

Prochiz & Rose Brand asks creative Indonesian home cooks for their surprisingly great homemade recipes with Prochiz cheese and Rose Brand products on social media. The most creative creations can win home cooking kitchen tools like mixers and pans, so they can continue improving their cheesy home cooking recipes. #KreasiProchizROSEBRAND

Connect with Creative cooks

With Live Stream cooking shows, we share extra skills to give our community the best chance to create great recipes.

Prochiz & Rose Brand results to date

  • 8000+ deal packages sold
  • 500+ recipe creations submitted on social media
  • 98% 5-star reviews of home cooks getting creative with cheese

Prochiz & Mini Gold Q4’21

Not only does Prochiz cheese taste good, but cheese also has health benefits as well. Indonesian moms know this when making decisions that benefit the health and wellbeing of their families. So why not join together, Prochiz & Mini Gold thought! And allow the moms that love Prochiz to invest in the families’ health and happiness now as well as the future by saving real gold when you buy Prochiz, in the form of a Mini Gold certificate collectible.

Save real gold with Prochiz

Consumers can buy various Prochiz + Free Mini Gold bundles online, and receive a 0.025gr Mini Gold certificate containing real gold. Mini Gold certificates can be collected and sold again in the future.

Prochiz & Mini Gold results to date

  • 4000+ Mini Golds collected
  • 2500kg+ cheese sold
  • 98% 5-star reviews of customers investing in their future

Prochiz & Hot Wheels Q4’21

Prochiz knows cheese tastes great, and kids especially love a lot of cheesy recipes. So why not add some extra fun to the happiness of a great family meal? That’s why Prochiz and Hot Wheels joined forces to give kids the possibility to expand their Hot Wheels collection with a surprise Hot Wheels car when their mom buys Prochiz to make the next yummy dinner.

(Under one condition though moms: Hot Wheels insists that kids are allowed to play with their toys at the dinner table)

Buy Prochiz & get surprise Hot Wheels

Consumers can buy a Prochiz bundle online, coming with one or more Hot Wheels cars, for a great price. And the model Hot Wheels you will get is a surprise. In that way, Hot Wheels collectors can expand their collection, and have a great meal too!

(Psst, don’t tell anyone, but Prochiz has it from reliable social feedback, that it was actually the dads that kept buying more to expand their collection)

Prochiz & Hot Wheels results to date

  • 3200+ cars collected
  • 800kg+ cheese sold
  • 98% 5-star reviews of customers, indicating happy family diners

Prochiz & Other Partners

Prochiz loves partnering up and we have done so many times before. We can’t wait to meet you and your brand, because we know cheese goes well with almost anything. Just send us an email and we’ll be in contact.

All over Indonesia

and expanding in Asia

Prochiz’s domestic network

We sell our products in Indonesia through our own marketing force and third-party distributors. Currently, we have 71 distribution points across Indonesia.

Prochiz and third-party distributors enter into distribution partnerships to distribute Prochiz’s products to 36 major cities in Indonesia, where the third-party distributors may act as distributors and/or logistic providers. In addition to distribution partnerships, Prochiz also establishes business relationships with traditional retailers and wholesalers categorized as General Trade. Prochiz also establishes business relationships with modern retailers such as Alfamart, Indomaret, Hero / Giant, Hypermart, Carrefour, and others.

71 distribution

36 major cities
in Indonesia

Prochiz’s international operations

Export sales are carried out directly to traders/importers or by appointing third-party distributors. At present, Prochiz exports its products to 9 countries, focusing on Asian countries. Up to the date of issuance of this Prospectus, Prochiz’s products are marketed in Thailand, the Philippines, Maldives, Brunei, Malaysia, Timor Leste, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Seychelles. Export sales are currently focused on the following products: Cheddar Block and Gold, Slice, Slice Gold, and Spready.

Exporting to
9 Asian countries

Targeting 6 more
in the near future