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Cheddar Cheese for Cooking

Cheddar Cheese for Cooking

Cheddar cheese is commonly used for cooking. What are the tips to cook using cheddar cheese?

One of the types of cheese most popularly used in cooking is cheddar cheese. Its firm yet soft texture can be easily adapted into various types of cuisines. Cheddar cheese can be used as topping, filling, main ingredients in baking cakes, and other culinary creations.


The protein content in cheddar cheese is very good for your body’s growth and metabolism. In addition, cheddar cheese also contains vitamin A, which is good for your eyes. Preparing cheddar cheese is also relatively easy. Cheese can be grated to be used as toppings for bread, cake, and donut. It can be sliced and used as filling for cheese bread, banana fritters, and others. There are several culinary creations that you can apply at home using cheddar cheese.


See the tips below:

  1. When cooking fried rice, dice or shred cheddar cheese, and sprinkle them on warm fried rice.
  2. Omelette with cheese and mushroom like the ones we enjoy in many hotels;
  3. Grilled cheese. Grilled cheese is made of bread, sliced cheddar cheese, and butter. The preparation directions are available at the following link: 
  4. In addition to grilled cheese, we can also make cheese stick using bread without crusts and sliced cheddar cheese. To make cheese stick, roll the bread flat with a rolling pin, spread butter and place a slice of cheese on top. Roll the bread and cook with hot margarine.
  5. In addition, cheese can be combined with macaroni (macaroni and cheese), cheese chocolate banana fritters, and many other culinary creations.


For more ideas, find our creation of cheddar cheese recipes at

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