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What is the authentic Fettuccine Carbonara Recipe?

What is the authentic Fettuccine Carbonara Recipe?

Fettuccine Carbonara is a recipe of pasta dish originating from Rome. Fettuccine Carbonara is made of fettuccine pasta, hard-textured cheese such as Pecorino Romano or Parmesan cheese, smoked meat, and black pepper. It is highly advisable to use ingredients such as smoked meet, cheese, and pepper in a Fettuccine Carbonara recipe. The pasta is generally served with a sprinkle of herbs such as oregano. However, there is no need to worry if you don’t have the optional ingredient.

Fettuccine Carbonara is served with cooked pasta, smoked meet sautéed in fat or butter, mixed with a mixture of raw eggs shredded cheese, and black pepper. The mixture of raw eggs, shredded cheese, and black pepper is stirred into the pasta when hot. The mixture is stirred off the stove. This method is used to prevent the eggs from curdling or being unevenly cooked.


It’s best to used smoked meat made of red meat, such as beef. Nevertheless, if you don’t prefer red meat, you can certainly use smoked white meat such as smoked chicken or fish instead. However, the use of smoked red meat does affect the taste of Fettuccine Carbonara. However, the originality of the recipe is a result of the use of authentic ingredients. Furthermore, your pasta may taste different when you use white meat.


Just like other recipes, Fettuccine Carbonara is easily identified based on its Italian sounding name. Fettuccine Carbonara recipe was made in mid 20th century, and is closely similar to a South Italian local dish, cacio e uova. Cacio e uova is served with a mixture of meat mixed with eggs and cheese.


There are many opinons regarding the origin of Fettucine Carbonara recipe. Some believed that the name carbonara comes from the Italian word cabonaro, which means coal stove. On that basis, some believed that the Fettuccine Carbonara recipe was created as the main stable of coal miners in Italy a long time ago. In certain parts of the United States, the dish is referred to as the “coal miners’ spaghetti”.


Some people also believe that Fettuccine Carbonara was named in honor of a secret organization named Carbonari during the Italian Unification, and that the dish was first served in 1950. The Fettuccine Carbonara Recipe was once published by an Italian daily newspaper, La Stampa, praising it as a dish that attracted the interest of American officers assigned in Italy during the Rome Liberation in 1944. Fettuccine Carbonara Recipe was also reviewed in an English cookbook titled Elizabeth David’s Italian Food published in England in 1954.


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