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The Effects of Cheese spread in Tiramisu

The Effects of Cheese spread in Tiramisu

Tiramisù is an Italian dessert dusted with cocoa powder on top, which sometimes usescheese spread to bind the layers. It is a dessert eaten with spoon, and is therefore falls under the category of “al cucchiaio”, meaning to use spoon. The cake is made of unbaked batter. The ingredients are biscuits dipped in coffee, mascarpone cheese, or cheese spread. Biscuits are layered and covered with whipped cream before refrigerated to keep the dessert firm when served.


The unique features of this dessert is the combination of soft texture of the biscuits with the strong flavor of coffee and cheese spread. In the authentic recipe, the biscuit used in tiramisu is known as Savoiardi biscuit, or commonly known as Ladyfinger in English. The ingredients of tiramisue are ladyfinger biscuits, eggs, sugar, coffee, cheese spread, gelatin, and cocoa powder. In the original recipe, the dessert has a round shape and is not mixed with alcoholic drinks (rum, wine, or cognac) since it was originally made for children and the elderlies.


Cheese spread is used in tiramisu to complement the cream and to bind the biscuits. Cheese spread also has a soft non-liquid texture, and is therefore well-suited to enrich the tiramisu cream. Cheese spread also balances the flavor or tiramisu, as cocoa powder and coffee have a bitter taste. With cheese spread, tiramisu will have a savory, milky, and creamy taste. It is best to use cheese spread with low salt content. Cheese spread with high salt content will ruin the taste of tiramisu because of its distinct saltiness.


The use of cheese spread in tiramisu is key. Cheese spread intiramisu is a must as the original recipe uses cheese. The balanced flavor of tiramisu is achieved from the use of three main ingredients, lady finger biscuits, coffee, and most importantly, cheese. In addition to the cooking method, the three ingredients also determine the success of your tiramisu recipe.

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