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Tips On How To Make Steamed Sponge Cake Recipe That Rises, Creamy, And Soft

Tips On How To Make Steamed Sponge Cake Recipe That Rises, Creamy, And Soft

Making a steamed sponge recipe is actually not too different from the way to make other ordinary sponge. The basic difference is only in the composition of the water used. In making steamed sponge, water is put into the mixture. This is done so that the sponge can bloom and expand when steamed so that it has a soft and tender texture. The ingredients used are also not so much. However, there are often failures in the making. Well, how to make it, can be tried by doing the following tips:

Quality of ingredients
Ensure quality recipe ingredients for steamed sponge. First check the expiry period, such as eggs or flour that will be used. Do not use eggs that just came out of the refrigerator, adjust it first with room temperature.

Prepare all equipment such as steamed sponge molds, cover it with paper cups. Also, make sure the equipment is clean, there are no other ingredients from the recipe steamed sponge sticking before.

Sweet Soda
Actually a lot of liquid ingredients can be used to make steamed sponge, such as plain water, milk, coconut milk, coconut water, or sweet soda water. However, if you want a recipe for steamed sponge that is made to produce sponge that is perfectly blooming and tender, then you can try it using sweet soda water. It's just that the steamed sponge mixture is better not to be mixed again with baking soda or baking powder. We recommend that the water has boiled some time before the mold containing the dough is inserted.

Sugar and Egg Whisk
The time required for mixing sugar and eggs using a high-speed mixer is relatively longer than for cakes in general. This is because so much air enters the dough. Beat the eggs until the mixture is fully fluffy, thick and clean white. The characteristics can be seen if the steamed sponge recipe mixture is lifted and turned over it will fall slowly.

The right mold can support so that the dough in the steamed sponge recipe can crack optimally. Of course it would be better if you use a steamed sponge cake with holes in plastic or aluminum. The paper cup used should also not be too thick or tall so that the dough can bloom more easily. Tidy up the paper cup to fit the sponge mold properly. Fill the mold to the full and steam in moderation. The goal is that there is a gap for hot steam to rise so that the dough is cooked and cracked perfectly.

When steaming, don't forget to wrap the steaming cover with cloth and the like. It is intended that the steaming water vapor does not fall back into the dough. Thus, the dough can cook evenly and bloom perfectly.

Those are tips for making recipes for steamed sponge, blooming, soft, and tender. If it works, share it. Good luck!

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