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How To Keep Cheese Fresh And Mold-Free As Long As Possible

How To Keep Cheese Fresh And Mold-Free As Long As Possible

Cheese is one of the most beloved foods in the world, and today there are many types of cheese that you can buy in the market. There are expensive ones, but you can also buy the cheap ones which is easy to find. Whether it’s fancy or low-priced, it’s important for you to know the proper way to store cheese.

This is intended to avoid the cheese becomes moldy and keep it fresh even if stored for a long time. Here is how to keep cheese fresh and mold-free as long as possible.
How to store cheese properly

1. Never use plastic wrap
The worst way to store cheese is using plastic wrap. In terms of usage, plastic wrap may seem practical to keep your cheese away from dirt and bacteria from things around it. On the other hand, plastic wrap could damage the taste of cheese. In addition, cheese is made from oil and fat which will absorb the taste of plastic wrap so that over time the original cheese flavor becomes replaced.

2. Use cheese storage paper instead
To keep cheese fresh for a long time, you can use cheese bags or cheese storage paper which can be purchased at shopping centers or online stores. The material created specifically for storing cheese can prevent air from entering inside while still circulating air properly.

3. Baking paper as alternative
If you have trouble finding cheese paper or cheese bags, you can use greaseproof paper as a wrapper and then put it in a plastic food storage bag.

4. Change the storage bag frequently
Some types of cheese produce excessive sweating. Therefore, you need to replace the cheese paper or greaseproof paper every time you open it. Using the wrapper that has been used will make it hard to 'breathe' so that the freshness will reduce.

5. Save the date
Before transferring it to the refrigerator, record the date you saved the cheese. Cheese should be consumed while it is still fresh for the best taste, and a date record will help you remember how long the cheese is stored in the refrigerator.

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