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Nutritious and Practical Cheese Spread

Nutritious and Practical Cheese Spread

Cream cheese, or also known as cheese spread, is one of the many types of cheese available in the market. It has a smooth, buttery texture, with a lighter color compared to butter. Unlike other types of cheese that are manufactured through curing process, cheese spread is very soft and melts easily and has a hint of sour, yet savory flavor.

Cheese spread generally comes in cup or tube packaging for easy use. You don’t have to cut or grate the cheese. Even so, several brands sell cheese spread in cubes like cheddar cheese.


Cheese spread is generally used as spread for breads, cookies, cakes, or as an ingredient to make cheesecake. Cheese spread used as spread or filling for cake is generally mixed with butter cream or whipped cream first. The mixture soften the tangy flavor of cheese spread and make it even more appetizing.


The nutritional value of cheese spread is almost similar to other types of cheese, i.e., protein, vitamin A, B, and D, and calcium. Although cheese spread contains similar nutritional value as other types of cheese, cheese spread is generally dominated by tallow content. Cheese spread is made of 45% tallow content, making it a rich source of good protein for the body.


Cheese spread is less durable compared to other types of cheese as it falls under the soft cheese category. At room temperature, cheese spread generally lasts for only 2-3 hours. It can last longer when refrigerated,  i.e. 2 weeks after opening. Cheese spread gets moldy easily when left for too long. Therefore, do not leave it for to long after opening the packaging. Before using cheese spread, it is advisable to ensure there are no changes in scent and color.


However, never store cheese spread in the freezer as it will ruin the texture. The most ideal way is to store it in the refrigerator, make sure the container is tightly closed.


Although it may be difficult to find in supermarkets, cheese spread is generally highly popular among cheese lovers due to its complete nutritional value, delicious taste, and its practicality. No need to grate the cheese to be used as topping for bread, simple spread the cheese using a knife –  just like spreading butter or jam.


Cheese spread can be quite difficult to find, and the price is also relatively high. This is due to the quality of its ingredients, where no low-quality ingredients are used. Now, Prochiz has also launched a new cheese variant in the form of spreadable cheese that you can easily find in your favorite stores. Prochiz has launched a new cheese variant in the form of spreadable cheese with the best quality and taste.

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