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Cheese Spread and 'Naked' Cake

Cheese Spread and ‘Naked’ Cake

Have you ever heard of Naked Cake? Naked cake is a cake without outer layer or icing (sugar cream mixture to cover the outer part of the cake). Naked cake originally became popular in America. The cake consists of layers of cakes stacked and secured by spread such as cheese spread or jam. You can go creative and give a rustic touch by keeping your cake ‘naked’.

In America, Naked Cake is highly popular for wedding cakes. Naked Cake looks natural as a weeding cake as the synthetic styrofoam that is generally used to maintain the shape of wedding cake is not used in Naked Cakes. Naked Cake is not too high and has a more honest look, but it takes the touch of a master to design Naked Cakes. Naked Cake is not only popular for wedding cakes, but is also well liked because of its light, exquisite, and natural taste as well as its pretty look.


Naked Cakes will not look inelegant or tasteless without frosting. You can use cheese spread to combine the cake layers. By adding cheese spread, your Naked Cake will remain savory and not too sweet. In addition to increasing the nutritional value, cheese spread will also add more flavor to your Naked Cake. Cheese spread has a soft and slightly liquid texture, making it ideal to bind the cake layers of a Naked Cake.


Cheese spread can also be used to ice the top of Naked Cake. This savory spread will reward you with more calcium for your bones. To achieve a balanced taste, you can add fruits on top of the cheese spread of your Naked Cake. Cheese spread work well as a glue to stick the fruits and cake layers. You will achieve a sweet and soft flavor from the cake, sour and sweet flavor from the fruits, and savory flavor from the cheese spread.

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