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How to store the Delicious Mozzarella Cheese

How to store the Delicious Mozzarella Cheese

Mozarella has a mild taste and soft texture. Mozzarella cheese originated from Italy. Mozzarella cheese is best served immediately and should be bought in small amounts as needed. Why? Because its shape and taste change quickly. To keep mozzarella cheese from spoiling, the remaining cheese unused must be stored in a refrigerator and placed in a container filled with water. When the color of the water where the mozzarella cheese is stored turns murky, immediately change the water.

If the mozzarella cheese is sold in an airtight plastic container, immediately seal the container when cheese is unused. If the mozzarella cheese is sold in a water-filled container, you can store the cheese in a glass or ceramic container filled with water. It will help keeping mozzarella cheese from drying out and maintaining its taste. When mozzarella cheese harden, the taste will change and the cheese will be spoiled.   With proper storage in a refrigerator, mozzarella cheese can last for up to one to two weeks. In a freezer, mozzarella cheese can last longer, up to approximately three months. If you find any change of shape, color, taste, and aroma of any part of the cheese, cut and throw away that part. Melted mozarrella is very suitable for dishes such as soup, casseroles or cheese sauces.   Do not buy mozzarella for more than one-week use. It is said that cheese is “alive”. When the packaging is opened and cheese is exposed to oxygen, cheese will immediately attract bacterias. Once opened, fresh mozzarella will last only around five days in the refrigerator, although the expiry date on the packaging are often longer.   Stick mozzarella’s best to consume period lasts for approximately 21 days if refrigerated after opening. Smoked mozzarella can last longer after opening, i.e., approximately 28 days. If plastic wrap is used to store mozzarella, make sure the packaging to store mozzarella is tightly closed. Change the plastic regularly. Watch the water used to soak mozzarella in the storage container. If the water has lessen, add one or two table spoons of water.   You can also store or preserve mozzarella in olive oil, but it is best to immediately use or consume mozzarella than storing it for a long time. If you run out of ideas on how to use the rest of your mozzarella, you can use it for toasted sandwich. You can also make open-faced sandwich by adding mozzarella on a slice of bread and toast the bread in the oven until the cheese melts. Toasted mozzarella sandwich is very delicious and suitable for school snacks. The exquisite taste of mozzarella is really does worth its tricky storage.
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