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The Key to Successful Cheese Stick Recipe

The Key to Successful Cheese Stick Recipe

The origin of cheese stick recipe is unknown, but we can easily see that the word ‘sistik or ‘cistik’ sounds very similar to ‘cheese stick’ in English. Although cheese stick recipe is categorized as cookie recipe, this snack is generally gried instead of baked like other cookies.

The basic ingredients used in a cheese stick recipe are flour, tapioca flour, beaten eggs, cheddar cheese, butter, baking powder, and oil for frying. The key ingredient in a cheese stick recipe is tapioca flour. Why tapioca flour? Tapioca flour in a cheese stick recipe works as a binding agent and to stabilize other ingredients that are easy to crumble, particularly flour.


Flour crumbles easily when fried. This is where tapioca flour comes to the rescue. Tapioca flour will harden when baked. Do you know that ‘kerupuk’ or  crackers are mainly made of tapioca? When fried, tapioca flour will have a crisp and crunchy texture. So it is tapioca flour that makes your cheese stick crispy and crunchy and differentiates it from cookies.


Tapioca flour is not only used in the cheese stick dough. Dry tapioca flour is used to dust the cheese stick dough to keep them from sticking at the bottom of the pan. In addition to the use of tapioca flour, the key to a successful cheese stick is by using a lot amount of oil at medium heat (deep frying).


The choice of ingredients is not the only key to a successful cheese stick recipe, the deep frying method will make all the ingredients mixed in the cheese stick recipe crisp and crunchy.


Last but not least is the cheese. Many cheese stick recipes do not even use cheese. How ironic is that? A cheese stick recipe without cheese. The savory flavor can be achieved by using salt, sugar, a mix of salt and sugar, or seasonings.


But what is a cheese stick without cheese? The name itself include the word cheese. There are two types of cheese that are most suitable for your cheese stick recipe. The first one is cheddar cheese. The texture of cheddar cheese is not soft and it has a nice savory flavor. Adding grated cheddar cheese in your cheese stick dough will give it a savory flavor and a crunchy sensation from the fried cheddar cheese granules.


The second one is parmesan cheese. Parmesan cheese’s texture is more firm and is generally saltier. If you want your cheese stick to be saltier, simply sprinkle grated parmesan cheese in your cheese stick dough. Parmesan cheese is generally more expensive than cheddar cheese. If you feel the use of parmesan cheese is uneconomical, you can always use cheddar cheese as an option. However, avoid using soft cheeses that easily melt like mozarella, as your cheese stick will easily crumbles when fried.

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